Perhaps you or someone in your department is new to the eTariff world, or you just need a refresher on a certain aspect of using TariffShark to file tariffs under FERC Order 714. We're here to help!

Option 1: Live Interactive Training

  • Online, instructor-led training
  • In-person, on-site training available
  • Introductory and Advanced courses

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Option 2: TariffShark Hammerhead Training Videos

Our online training video library is a perfect resource to handle ALL of your TariffShark training needs.

We've taken the complete eTariff filing life cycle and broken it down into short, easy-to-follow videos. From a basic introduction to eTariff filing to more advanced topics, you'll have the complete library available at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you've already upgraded to TariffShark Tiger, check out our screencasts, which highlight new features and enhancements that make TariffShark more powerful and even easier to use.

If you have a TariffShark website account, you have access to the training videos. If are unable to log in, contact Support and we'll make the training videos available.

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Sample Training Video (Partial)
Video Library Overview # Videos
  • Getting Started 5
  • Customizing 5
  • Establishing Tariffs 10
  • eTariff Life Cycle 28
  • Configuring Security 2
  • Installing & Maintaining 1
  • Getting Help 1

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