TariffShark Legal

TariffShark Legal is a perfect solution for law firms who provide a FERC eTariff service for their clients. TariffShark Legal eliminates the headaches associated with managing multiple clients' tariffs and meeting FERC's stringent eTariff XML filing requirements. With TariffShark Legal, which leverages our TariffShark Hosted Service, you will have all of the feature shown below at your fingertips, and pricing is offered on a per-filing basis. If you're an eTariff service provider, then TariffShark Legal is the solution for you!

  • Full tariff life cycle support
  • Manage your large tariffs as a virtually unlimited number of sections or sheets
  • Edit your tariff content in a familiar tool: Microsoft Word
  • Automatic handling of marked and clean versions of tariff provisions
  • Edit your Microsoft Word filing attachments directly in TariffShark
  • Automatically generates filing attachments, such as your marked and clean tariff provisions
  • Facilitates internal review process
  • Ensures filing success by applying over 125 validation rules
  • Generates FERC eTariff XML filing package
  • Provides FERC eTariff Sandbox submission with just a couple of mouse clicks
  • Easily find any provision ever filed or those currently in effect
  • Easily update your tariffs on the Internet
  • Define and use custom data fields to meet your specific data requirements
  • Provides secure access to multiple companies' tariffs
  • Store tariff-related materials in TariffShark's Filing Cabinet

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