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TariffShark has been the industry’s leading eTariff filing solution since 2010, enabling tariff management and the preparation of FERC-compliant eTariff filings for many of the largest energy companies and law firms. For some, however, it may not be practical or cost-effective for you to use our software directly.

TariffShark eTariff Packager Service is THE easy and affordable option

  • Perfect for law firms or companies that file infrequently
  • Can be used for new and existing companies across all FERC programs
  • No software installation, database maintenance or server management
  • No set-up charges, annual fees or subscriptions - your price is set per filing
  • XML files are validated to ensure FERC-compliance

We have successfully packaged filings on behalf of clients since eTariff’s inception in 2010!

Simply send us your completed filing documents. We will use TariffShark to process them into an electronic filing package that complies with FERC Order 714 and then return the filing package ready for filing with FERC. We can even submit the filing on your company’s behalf. We can provide full service to ensure that your filing is correctly formatted to ensure it will be accepted by the Commission.

Here is how it works.


First, you register with the TariffShark eTariff Packager Service. There is no cost and no obligation to register. We will respond with our current eTariff Packager Service pricing and instructions on how to proceed.


When you are ready to file, please fill out our eTariff Packager Job Request form and prepare the contents of the tariff filing (tariff(s)/tariff record(s), transmittal letter, and any required attachments). We can provide assistance in preparing filing documents that comply with the Commission's program specific tariff filing rules and practices.


We will email your customized eTariff Packager service quote with a set price. Then, when you are ready, just email back your completed tariff documents. We will review the files and notify you if any changes are required.


We package the tariffs and attachments into the electronic filing using TariffShark.


We validate to ensure that the filing complies with FERC Order 714 electronic filing rules and meets our quality assurance specifications. If we have questions or find an issue, we notify you immediately.


We return the entire compliant filing package to you via email.


You can now submit the filing package using FERC’s eFiling portal. If you prefer, and you have delegated us, we can submit the filing for you.


TariffShark eTariff Packager Service is competitively priced based on the company’s FERC program and the complexity of the filing. Every job is quoted individually, so there are no surprises when the bill comes. And there are never any set-up fees, annual fees, or usage commitments!

  • The standard service fee covers filings with up to 3 tariff records and associated FERC attachments For most larger filings, beyond 3 tariff records, we charge incremental rates.
  • Very large, complex filings may require additional charges billed by the hour.
  • Standard project lead times and completion deadlines apply. Expedited service is available.

Questions? Please call us at 847-252-7267 or email.

Need an easy and affordable way to generate a FERC-compliant XML file?

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