Find out why FERC-regulated companies big and small use TariffShark as their FERC eTariff software solution.

TariffShark is easy to use, supports your activities throughout the eTariff life cycle, and is 100% FERC-compliant, thus assuring valid eTariff filings.

Full Tariff Life Cycle Support

We understand that there is more to the management and filing of FERC electronic Tariffs than merely assembling a FERC-compliant XML file. TariffShark's rich features assist in all phases of the tariff life cycle.

Easy to Use

TariffShark automatically handles eTariff complexities, such as IDs, collation values, and effective priority order. And its SmartBar is a true breakthrough in software usability.

Smart Filing Validations

TariffShark provides thorough data validations, meeting or exceeding FERC's own criteria. Filings are guaranteed to satisfy business and technical requirements.

Filing Cabinet

With its Filing Cabinet, TariffShark is a virtual tariff filing room, enabling you to store FERC communications, documents, spreadsheets, and other tariff supporting materials.

Comprehensive Search

TariffShark's built-in search tool makes it easy to find any current or historical filing or tariff provision.

Fully Supported

Our expert, U.S.-based technical support team works when you work and provides timely assistance even under tight time constraints. In addition, TariffShark is fully documented and training is available.

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FERC Approves Four LNG Export Projects

FERC approved three new LNG export facilities in Brownsville, Texas and an expansion on a facility in Corpus Christi, Texas.

FERC Announces Dispute Resolution Process for Midwest Propane Situation

FERC announces process to help relieve propane distribution issues in the Midwest.

FERC Approves First Compliance Filings on Landmark Storage Rule

FERC approves compliance filings for Southwest Power Pool and PJM Interconnection for Order No. 841.

FERC Issues Guidance for Hydro Development

FERC issued guidance for developing hydropower on currently non-powered federal dams, including a list of viable sites.

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