Version 1 - Reviewed: April 29, 2016

Hotfix: Cancel FTRV breaks Tariff Timeline and Publish Tariff

TariffShark's time slicing capability identifies the currently effective TRVs at any point in time. When a Tariff Record is cancelled and the cancellation is marked "Effective" (or "Retired"), TRVs belonging to the cancelled Tariff Record must be omitted from time slicing results. In other words, there must be no effective TRV after the point in time when a Tariff Record is effectively cancelled.

An issue has been identified whereby the mere presence of a Cancel FTRV causes a Tariff Record's TRVs to disappear from time slicing. TariffShark is not waiting for the Cancel FTRV to be marked as "Effective" (or "Retired").


The fix for this issue must be patched into the TariffShark database. Therefore, it must be applied by a database administrator (DBA) or other person with direct access to SQL Server and the TariffShark database.

  1. Visit the Downloads page for your TariffShark Hammerhead release.
  2. From the Downloads page, download the hotfix file provided under the heading "TariffShark Hammerhead Database".
  3. The hotfix is a zip archive that contains a single SQL script file. Extract the SQL script file from the zip archive and save it to your desktop.
  4. Using SQL Server Management Studio (or equivalent database management interface), run the SQL script against the TariffShark database. If the script runs successfully, the output will include the following messages:
    Script patches dbo.SearchTariffTimeline stored procedure (Issue 4189)
    dbo.SearchTariffTimeline PATCHED.
    If you do not see both of these messages, contact TariffShark Support

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More Information


  • This fix applies to TariffShark Hammerhead service pack (SP) releases.

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