Version 1 - Reviewed: June 15, 2012

Hotfix: Occasional errors when publishing Filing to Word format

When publishing either the clean or marked Tariff Record Versions in a Filing to Word format occasional errors occur.

The errors are due to Word incorrectly locking Header/Footer Templates used by the Tariff Record Versions. This hotfix resolves the error by using unique file names and is available for download below.


  1. Download the hotfix .ZIP file and save it to your desktop
  2. Open the folder where TariffShark Hammerhead is installed
    • C:\Program Files\TariffShark HammerHead
    • For 64-bit Windows versions of XP/Vista, the folder usually is C:\Program Files (x86)\TariffShark HammerHead
  3. Create a copy of TariffShark.* and Framework.* files or make a copy of the whole folder for backup purposes
  4. Extract the files from the hotfix zip file to the TariffShark install folder (confirm overwrite)
  5. Start TariffShark, and verify version is displayed

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