Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1 - Reviewed: November 12, 2018

Getting Started Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide to the steps required to get started using TariffShark CPUC. This is merely a guideline. Some TariffShark CPUC customers may find that doing these steps in a different order or by different people makes the most sense.

For Enterprise Customers Only...

  1. Review Database Install Guide [LINK]
  2. Download Database Installer [LINK]
  3. Install and Configure TariffShark Database
  4. Review Application Server Installation Guide [LINK]
  5. Download Application Server [LINK]
  6. Install and Configure TariffShark Application Server

For Both Enterprise and Hosted Customers...

  1. Review Desktop Client Install Guide [LINK]
  2. Download Desktop Client Installer [LINK]
  3. Install TariffShark CPUC Desktop Client for Security Administrator
  4. Register the Security Administrator's TariffShark CPUC Software Client [LINK]
  5. Bootstrap Security Configuration [LINK]
  6. Install TariffShark CPUC Desktop Client for Regulatory Users
  7. Register Each Regulatory User's TariffShark CPUC Software Client [LINK]

To Be Done by Regulatory Users (in most cases)...

  1. Configure TariffShark CPUC [LINK]
  2. Create Company(ies) in TariffShark CPUC
  3. Create Tariff Book(s) in TariffShark CPUC
  4. Create Tariff Types in TariffShark CPUC