Full Tariff Life Cycle Support

TariffShark CPUC includes features to help you manage your tariffs through all tariff life cycle phases: Draft, Review, File, Disposition, Publish, and Research.

Manage Your Tariffs as Sheets

TariffShark CPUC understands that tariffs are comprised of sheets and provides a host of tools to make managing your tariff sheets easy.

Edit Tariff Sheet Content in Microsoft Word

TariffShark CPUC includes built-in integration with Microsoft Word, so you are able to edit your tariff content in a familiar tool.

Headers, Footers, and Layouts

TariffShark CPUC automates sheet headers, footers, and layouts, which gives your tariffs a consistent appearance and always-accurate headers and footers ... freeing you to focus on the content of your tariffs' sheets.

Automatic Numbering

TariffShark CPUC assigns your advice letter numbers and CPUC Sheet Numbers on demand.

Complete Component Management

TariffShark CPUC provides powerful tools for managing advice letters' supporting documents including generating, editing, and copying their content and merging them into a single PDF for filing with the Commission.

Easy Access to Historical Data

Easily find any sheet ever filed or those currently in effect. Use the TariffShark CPUC Timeline feature to review your effective tariffs at any point in time: past, present, or future.

Powerful Publishing

Publishing is the process by which sheets are assembled into a single document. This rich TariffShark CPUC feature allows you to publishing your tariffs for any point in time (past, present, or future) and play what-if scenarios with pending and developing sheets.

Filing Cabinet

With the Filing Cabinet, TariffShark CPUC becomes your virtual tariff filing room. Store related materials (such as CPUC email communication, notices, and orders) in the filing cabinet and they become part of your filing's history.

Custom Data Fields

TariffShark CPUC's Custom Fields give you the ability to store data that it wasn't specifically designed to manage.

Multiple Company Support

With TariffShark CPUC, you can manage multiple companies' CPUC tariffs on your desktop in a single program.

Multiple Tariff Book Support

TariffShark CPUC allows you to manage multiple tariff books (electric, gas, water, etc.) and even link your advice letters between the books.

Sheet Cancellations

TariffShark CPUC allows you to manage sheets cancelling and being cancelled by 0, 1, or many other sheets.

More Features

TariffShark CPUC supports supplemental advice letters, sheet number adjustment tools when tariffs grow or shrink, and robust role-based security.