Validate Filing

The Validate Filing form is used to validate a Filing prior to filing it with FERC. Resolving all "Fail" messages prior to filing with FERC will help to guarantee that the Filing is accepted by FERC. A complete list of TariffShark validation messages is available here.

Figure 1:Validate Filing form


The Title (or name) of the Filing
Filing Type
Type of Filing in the form of (1) the Code, followed by (2) the Description, followed by (3) the Type (in curly braces)
Status of the Filing: Draft, Filed, or Complete
A TariffShark-specific code that identifies the validation rule.
Describes the validation as either "Fail" or "Warning". "Fail" means that submitting the Filing to FERC will result in a FERC rejection. "Warning" means that there is something about the Filing that migh require attention before submitting it to FERC.
The level, or Element, within TariffShark where the validation took place. Filing, Tariff Record, Tariff Record Version, Filed Tariff Record Version, and Attachment are among the levels that are reported.
A description of the specific condition that TariffShark has detected.
A hyperlink that takes the user to a form in TariffShark where the validation issue may be resolved.

Action Buttons

Validate Again
Validates the Filing again

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