Add Tariff Record Versions

The Add Tariff Record Versions form is used to add Tariff Record Versions (TRVs) to an existing Filing. The list of TRVs from which you may select are those that are not yet in a Filing or those that are in a Filing and have a "Draft" or "Suspended" FERC Response.

Figure 1:Add Tariff Record Versions form (click image for larger view)


The Title (or name) of the Filing
Filing Type
Type of Filing in the form of (1) the Code, followed by (2) the Description, followed by (3) the Type (in curly braces)
Status of the Filing: Draft, Filed, or Complete
Proposed Effective Date
The Effective Date on which you propose the TRVs to go into effect
Place a check mark next to the TRVs to be added to the Filing
Tariff Title
The name of the Tariff
Record Number
Record Number of the Tariff Record Version
Version number of the Tariff Record Version
Description of the Tariff Record Version
Title of the Tariff Record Version
Narrative Name
Narrative Name of the Tariff Record Version
Option letter of the Tariff Record Version. Refer to FERC's OSEC eTariff Implementation Guide for complete details about options.
The display name of the Filing in which the Tariff Record Version resides.
Effective Date
Effective date of the Tariff Record Version within the Filing.
FERC's response to the filing of the Tariff Record Version: Approved, Approved Subject to Conditions, Effective, Pending, Rejected, Suspended, Draft, Overtaken by Events, Pro Forma Ordered, Withdrawn, or Retired.
Change Type
The type of change that was requested for the Tariff Record Version within the Filing: New, Change, Pro Forma, Withdraw, or Cancel.

Action Buttons

Select All
Select all listed TRVs
Clear All
Clear all selections
Add to Filing
Adds the selected TRVs to the Filing
Closes the form without adding TRVs to the Filing

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