Tariff Database

A Tariff Database is a repository into which your tariff work (Filing, Tariffs, Tariff Record Versions, etc.) is stored. A Tariff Database has associated with it a unique identifier which is assigned by TariffShark when the Tariff Database is created. In TariffShark, this ID is known as the Tariff Database ID and it gets sent to FERC in every eTariff filing you submit.

What's known as a Tariff Database in TariffShark is commonly referred to by FERC staff as (1) a "tariff", (2) a "tariff identifier", (3) a "tariff ID", and, on rare occasions, (4) a database.

When creating a Tariff Database, you must decide whether or not you wish to enable hierarchy support for the Tariff Database. Learn more about Hierarchy Support here.

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