Custom Fields

The Custom Fields screen displays all Custom Fields existing on the application server to which the user is connected. Select a row in the grid and the user may update or delete the selected Custom Field. The SmartBar also provides a command to create a new Custom Field.

Figure 1:List of Companies


Unique Key
A short string consisting of upper case characters, lower case characters, and numeric digits that uniquely distinguishes a Custom Field from all others. Special characters and spaces may not be used in a Unique Key.
The name of a Custom Field.
The TariffShark element to which a Custom Field applies. Valid values are Filing, Tariff, Tariff Database, Tariff Record, and Tariff Record Version.
The type of data that will be stored in a Custom Field. For example, "Short String", "Integer", or "Date".
Help Text
Instructive text to help data entry personnel to enter meaningful values into Custom Fields.
Sort Order
Specifies the order in which multiple Custom Fields belonging to the same Level will appear within the TariffShark user interface. Custom Fields are presented in lower Sort Order to higher Short Order sequence.
Active Custom Fields participate fully in TariffShark (for example, users may update and view their values). Inactive Custom Fields are omitted from the TariffShark user interface (as if they didn't exist).

SmartBar Commands

General Admin Tasks
Create Custom Field
Custom Field Tasks

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