Whole Document Support

Under FERC Order 714 tariff documents may either be filed in pieces or in their entirety. The notion of "whole documents" in TariffShark was introduced to provide for the filing of tariff documents in their entirety.

A portion of TariffShark's functionality can be thought of as "document management". For example, TariffShark allows you to create new versions of Tariff Records and edit the content. Then, using the content you saved, TariffShark generates RTFs, PDFs, and plain text. When working on Tariffs as whole documents, the document management features of TariffShark do not apply. With whole document Tariffs, you must provide the clean TRV content and (in some cases) the plain text. As many tariff filers submit their whole documents in PDF format, they must edit and save the source documents (generally done using Microsoft Word) outside of TariffShark.

Whole Document Limitations

Whole Documents Vs TRV Content Format

Whole documents are different in TariffShark from Sections and Sheets and behave as described above. A whole document TRV can be filed with FERC in PDF or RTF format (though PDF is more prevalent). Likewise, Sections and Sheets can be filed with FERC in either PDF or RTF format (though RTF is more common).