Update Tariff Database

The Update Tariff Database form is used to update an existing Tariff Database within a Company.

Figure 1:Update Tariff Database form, Tariff Database tab

Figure 2:Update Tariff Database form, Custom Fields tab


Tariff Database Tab

User-designated Tariff Database title. The title must be unique within a Company. If you have filed any Filings with FERC and then change the Title, you should point out that the Title has been updated in the transmittal letter you submit with the next Filing you file.
Default Record Format
The Default Record Format: Section, Sheet, or Whole Document. By default, this value will be used as the Default Record Format for any Tariffs created within this Tariff Database.

If the context Company is operating under a LITE license to TariffShark, "Whole Document" will be the only available option.

Enable Hierarchy Support
Check to enable Hierarchy Support
Effective Cancellation Date
The effective date on which TariffShark must consider a Tariff Database cancelled. This is an optional field because (a) many Tariff Databases are never cancelled and (b) when a Tariff Database is cancelled, under most circumstances, TariffShark is able to determine the effective date of the cancellation merely by inspecting Filing activity.

Custom Fields Tab

Custom Field
This is the Name of the Custom Field.
Enter a Custom Field value right into the grid for the Tariff Database being updated.
Help Text
This is the Help Text of the Custom Field.

Action Buttons

Updates the Tariff Database
Closes the form without updating the Tariff Database

SmartBar Commands

None available.

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