Update Record Numbering Scheme

The Update Record Numbering Scheme form is used to update an existing Record Numbering Scheme on the application server to which the user is connected. The SmartBar provides a command to delete or view the details of the Record Numbering Scheme.

Figure 1:Update Document Layout form


Name of the Record Numbering Scheme
Applies to Sheets?
Check this box if the Record Numbering Scheme applies to Sheets
Display last level only?
Check this box to display last level only
The number of levels in the numbering scheme
Apply Formatting To
The selected level will be customized
Maximum Value
Select the maximum value for the selected level
Format String2020
Enter a short string that will preceed the number for the selected level and a short string that will follow it
Enter a short string that will be used to separate the number for the selected level from the number for the subsequent level

Action Buttons

Updates the Record Numbering Scheme
Closes the form without saving data to the application server

SmartBar Commands

Record Numbering Scheme Tasks

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