Filing Details

The Filing Details screen is used to view the details of a Filing.

Figure 1:Filing Details screen, Filing Details tab

Figure 2:Filing Details screen, FERC Details tab

Figure 3:Filing Details screen, Custom Fields tab

Figure 4:Filing Details screen, Comments tab

Figure 5:Filing Details screen, Tariff Record Versions tab

Figure 6:Filing Details screen, FERC Attachments tab

Figure 7:Filing Details screen, Filing Cabinet tab


Filing Details Tab

Status of the Filing: Draft, Filed, or Complete
The Title (or name) of the Filing
Validation Email
Email address to which FERC will send communications regarding the Filing
Filing Type
Type of Filing in the form of (1) the Code, followed by (2) the Description, followed by (3) the Type (in curly braces)
Auto-Effective After Suspension
Indicates whether or not the tariff provisions filed are to become effective automatically after suspension (should the Filing become suspended).
Associated Filing
The Filing with which this Filing is associate
Payment Confirmation Code
The confirmation number obtained from the payment of fees for the Filing

FERC Details Tab

FERC Filing ID#
This is the filing identifier that is sent to FERC when the Filing is filed. This field's value is populated by TariffShark.
Schema Version
Version of the FERC eTariff Schema to be used when submitting the Filing to FERC
Filing Date
The date on which the Filing will be/was filed with FERC
FERC Order Date
The date of FERC's decision on the Filing - either express (via order) or implied (via statutory clock)
Docket Number
Filing's docket number

Custom Fields Tab

Custom Field
This is the Name of the Custom Field.
This is the value of the Custom Field for the Filing displayed.
Help Text
This is the Help Text of the Custom Field.

Comments Tab

Free form comments for the Filing

Tariff Record Versions Tab

Most Filings contain proposed changes to tariff language and request other types of changes to the records that make up a company's tariffs. Those changes appear in this grid.


Indicates the status of the TRV's documents.

Icon Description
<no icon> the Tariff Record Version does not have tariff content
the Tariff Record Version's tariff content is fully processed
The Tariff Record Version's tariff content is awaiting document processing. Double-click the icon to open the Dashboard's "Processing Queue" tab.
The Tariff Record Version's tariff content failed document processing. Double-click the icon to open the Dashboard's "Failed Processing" tab.
Tariff Title
The name of the Tariff within which the Tariff Record Version resides
Record Number
Record Number of the Tariff Record Version
Version number of the Tariff Record Version
Description of the Tariff Record Version
Title of the Tariff Record Version
Narrative Name
Narrative Name of the Tariff Record Version
Option letter of the Tariff Record Version. Refer to FERC's OSEC eTariff Implementation Guide for complete details about options.
Effective Date
Effective date of the Tariff Record Version within the Filing.
FERC's response to the filing of the Tariff Record Version: Approved, Approved Subject to Conditions, Effective, Pending, Rejected, Suspended, Draft, Overtaken by Events, Pro Forma Ordered, Withdrawn, or Retired.
Change Type
The type of change that was requested for the Tariff Record Version within the Filing: New, Change, Pro Forma, Withdraw, or Cancel.
File As
The type of document (RTF or PDF) that will be filed as the Tariff Record Version's content.

FERC Attachments Tab

FERC Attachments, the supporting materials that accompany all eTariff filings, appear in this grid.

Description of the FERC Attachment
File name
File name of the FERC Attachment
Type of Attachment (in the form of FERC Attachment Reference Code followed by a brief description)
An indication that a waiver has been requested, but only if the Attachment selected is both required and waivable
Security Level
FERC Attachment Security Level may be set to "Critical Energy Infrastructure", "Privileged", or "Public".

Filing Cabinet Tab

Description of the Filing Cabinet Item
File Name
File name of the Filing Cabinet Item
URL that displays as a clickable hyperlink

Action Buttons

None available

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