Register Server

The Register Server dialog is used to register the TariffShark Hammerhead client with an application server.

Figure 1:Register Server dialog, Server Settings tab

Figure 2:Register Server dialog, Advanced Settings tab


Friendly Name
This is any name you wish to use for the server to which you are registering. This name must be unique among all clients registered with the server. We recommend using a name that includes both your name and the server name. For example, "Johnny@MyServer".
This is the Internet address of the server to which you are registering. It usually begins with "http://" or "https://" and ends with "/Services".
Secret Key
Application server password for registering and unregistering the client.
Queue Processing Interval (seconds)3
How often TariffShark looks for new content to process. Value must be between 5 and 300 seconds. The default value is 30 seconds.
Session Timeout Monitor Interval (seconds)3
How often TariffShark checks with the application server to verify that the user's session is still active. Value must be between 30 and 120 seconds. The default value is 60 seconds.
File Cleanup Interval (seconds)3
How often temporary files are removed. Value must be between 1 and 300 seconds. The default value is 10 seconds.

Action Buttons

Registers the TariffShark Hammerhead desktop client with server
Closes the Register Server dialog without registering a new server

SmartBar Commands

None available

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