Create FERC Attachment

The Create FERC Attachment form is used to create a new FERC Attachment within a Filing.

Figure 1:Create FERC Attachment form


The Title (or name) of the Filing
Filing Type
Type of Filing in the form of (1) the Code, followed by (2) the Description, followed by (3) the Type (in curly braces)
Status of the Filing: Draft, Filed, or Complete
Type of Attachment (in the form of FERC Attachment Reference Code followed by a brief description). This field will offer a different list of attachment types depending upon the type of filing on which you are working (because, for example, the regulations may require that certain exhibits be attached to certain types of filings and not others).
Request Waiver
A checkbox will appear if the Attachment selected is both required and waivable. This capability is built into FERC's eTariff specification, however, FERC has defined Filing Types and Attachments in practice such that none are actually required and waivable. Therefore, a checkbox will not appear.
Description of the FERC Attachment
Upload File
Upload a file you wish to attach to the Filing.
Security Level
FERC Attachment Security Level may be set to "Critical Energy Infrastructure", "Privileged", or "Public".

Action Buttons

Creates the new FERC Attachment
Closes the form without creating the FERC Attachment

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