Read-Only Tariff Database Support

TariffShark has support for read-only Tariff Databases, which is useful exclusively for customers who have transitioned from UNICON's TFMS product. The tariff history from your TFMS database(s) is stored in TariffShark in a Tariff Database that is configured to be "read-only". The data that resides in a read-only Tariff Database cannot be updated. All update functions within TariffShark are disabled. The SmartBar commands that cause TariffShark to update data will not appear in the SmartBar.

Further, tariff sheets that were converted from TFMS are stored in TariffShark as (a) clean content PDF, (b) plain text content (to enable searching), and (c) marked content PDF (but only if there was redlining in TFMS). The marked word document and the clean RTF which are typically stored in TariffShark for your eTariff content are not present for converted TFMS sheets in read-only Tariff Databases.