Tab Tooltips

When the user hovers over a tab, it will display details relating to that tab in a pop-up box.

Figure 1:Tab Bar Tab Tooltip

The field names and square brackets below will be replaced by the actual information. Depending on the tab you will see the following:

For a Filing
[Filing.Name] {[FilingType.Rule]} : [Filing.DocketNumber] : [Filing.Status]
For a Tariff Record
[TR.SectionNumber] : [Tr.Description] : [TR.Title] ([Tariff.Title])
For a Tariff Record Version
[TRV.SectionNumber] : [TRV.Version] : [TRV.Description] : [TRV.Title] : [TRV.NarrativeName] : [TRV.OptionCode] ([Tariff.Title])
For a Filed Tariff Record Version
[TRV.SectionNumber] : [TRV.Version] : [TRV.Description] : [TRV.Title] : [TRV.NarrativeName] : [TRV.OptionCode] : [FTRV.RecordChangeType] ([Tariff.Title])