Cancel Tariff

The Cancel Tariff form is used to cancel a Tariff. Use of this form creates a cancellation request that is sent to FERC in a Filing. The Tariff isn't actually cancelled unless and until FERC accepts the Filing and approves the request.

Figure 1:Cancel Tariff form


Filing in which the cancel request will be sent to FERC
Proposed Effective Date
Proposed Effective Date for the Tariff cancellation

Action Buttons

Saves the Tariff cancellation request. The result of this action is that a Cancel FTRV is added to the selected Filing for the top-most Tariff Record (the one that represents the Tariff). For section-based and sheet-based Tariffs, a Cancel FTRV is also added to the Filing for every subordinate Tariff Record that isn't already cancelled in by an earlier Filing.
Closes the form without creating a Tariff cancellation request

SmartBar Commands

None available.

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